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Visitor-scanning solution Scan2Lead

Get all the details on your contact with the push of an button: that’s just one of the benefits of the Scan2Lead leadtracking solutions. Scan2Lead offers you four product alternatives (Scan2Lead SMART, Scan2Lead COLLECT, Scan2Lead STATION or Scan2Lead INFOPOINT) which are customised for your needs as an exhibitor. The products can also be booked separately, but are particularly effective when combined individually.

With Scan2Lead, you can simply and digital capture the interests of your visitors - in just a short time you can create your own personal digital trade show report. You get access to the visitor's registration data, can edit it individually and add further information such as conversation notes or attachments.

Via your personal Scan2Lead PORTAL you have access to all information of your booth visitors at any time. The information is also available as an Excel file with one click and can be easily uploaded to your CRM or other marketing systems and can be used for your campaigns. No more time-consuming and error-prone of handwritten business cards and contact sheets. With Scan2Lead your marketing department can have access to all that valuable leads information even during the show, and can therefore immediately start with the follow-up. To connect your own systems an interface is available upon request (for a fee).

Scan2Lead SMART: App for scanning barcodes and business cards (for iOS and Android devices) On request, rental iPads can be provided (for a fee).

Scan2Lead COLLECT: Scanning of barcodes at the push of a button on visitor badges with mobile mini handheld scanners.

Scan2Lead STATION: Scanning of barcodes with a hand scanner on a notebook where the visitor information is immediately displayed on your notebook. Ideal for your stand counter. On request rental notebooks can be provided (for a fee)

Scan2Lead INFOPOINT: Self-service iPad with stand for collecting and recording visitor data and conducting customer surveys.

You can give the Scan2Lead SMART app a trial free of charge and nonbinding, of course. Just send a short e-mail: contact@scan2lead.com

can be ordered in the Exhibitor Shop from January 2023
until April 25, 2023 at the latest     

https://www.scan2lead.com (adventics GmbH)
Tel. +49 89 4444-33-111


Starting at EUR 149