Exhibitor Guide

Passes and tickets

Exhibitor passes

For the duration of the fair, each exhibitor receives a specific number of free exhibitor passes for his stand. The number of free tickets exhibitors are entitled to will be shown during the registration process.

Co-exhibitors obtain one free exhibitor pass.

The exhibitor passes, regardless of whether they are free or subject to a fee, have to be ordered and personalized via the Exhibitor Shop.

Your exhibitor pass will be issued as a Print@homeTicket and as a mobile ticket (Wallet/ Passbook).

The Exhibitor Shop will be available from January 2023 to you online both before and during the event. In the final invoice, only those exhibitor passes will be listed that were actually used for the event. Free or unused tickets will not be charged. Any additional, fee-based exhibitor passes will be charged at 39 EUR each.

Using the exhibitor passes offers you the following advantages:

  • fast and easy access to the ticket. Shortterm orders possible
  • Tickets already personalized but not used are not taken into account in the total number
  • reprint of ticket is possible
  • avoid long queues at the entrance

Information: Access to the exhibition center on all days of the fair from 8:00 a.m. is only possible with an exhibition pass.

The exhibitor pass does NOT entitle the holder to free use of local public transport (MVV-Munich Transport and Tariff Association).

can be ordered in the Exhibitor Shop from January 2023,  registration before the start of event is imperative

Customer Interaction Center
Tel. +49 89 949-11368 

Free exhibitor passes: according to tiering
Additional exhibitor passes: 39 EUR per pass

Online vouchers for one-day tickets

You are the host, we support you!

We have got a special „treat“ for you to refer to your trade fair presence even more specifically: If you register your stand by September 15, 2022 (co-exhibitor registration by February 28, 2023), exhibitors receive a contingent of 100 and co-exhibitors of 30 free online vouchers for a one-day ticket.

According to the motto: You invite, tickets are on us. Benefit from this unique special offer. Order online vouchers for day tickets in the Exhibitor Shop. We ensure that the first 100 (30) vouchers redeemed will not be charged.

You will receive the online voucher numbers as well as online voucher links in the form of an Excel file. This is a fast way to invite your customers to visit your stand.

For your customers, the way to a ticket is easier than ever, thanks to the ticketing system:

  1. You send your customer an online voucher number or a link, for example by E-mail. Prior to visiting the trade fair, he or she redeems the voucher at www.transportlogistic.de/tickets/en
  2. After successful registration, your customer will receive his personalized ticket as a Print@home-Ticket and as a mobile ticket by E-mail.
  3. The printed Print@home-Ticket or the mobile ticket is a valid admission ticket to the trade show. This will save your customers waiting time on site.

Minimum order: 30 online voucher numbers

Information: Access to the exhibition center is possible with a redeemed day ticket from 9:30 a.m. Prior entry is NOT possible.

Available for order in the Exhibitor Shop as of January 2023

Customer Interaction Center
Tel. +49 89 949-11368

EUR 12 net per redeemed voucher respectively                                       

100 free vouchers for a one-day ticket for exhibitors                                 
with registration date until September 15, 2022 

30 free vouchers for one day ticket for co-exhibitors                                 
with registration date until February 28, 2023

GoGreen online vouchers for one-day tickets

Invite customers and potential business partners CO2-neutral to the trade show by using our GoGreen online voucher for one-day tickets.

myclimate calculated an offset fee based on the visitor data of the last transport logistic. This fee is included in the ticket price and flows directly into three high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects, whose development can be monitored transparently.    

can be ordered in the Exhibitor Shop from January 2023

​​​​​Customer Interaction Center
Tel. +49 89 949-11368

17 EUR net per redeemed voucher

Parking permits

To avoid waiting times when arriving at transport logistic 2023, we recommend ordering parking passes in advance.

We recommend that exhibitors with stands in halls B1-B3 and A3 use the parking spaces in the multi-storey car park. For exhibitors with stands in halls A4-A6 as well as B4-B6, the parking facilities in the outdoor area are closer.

Parking passes can be ordered in the transport logistic Exhibitor Shop.

Allocation according to availability

APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH
Tel. +49 89 949-28130

Tickets for public transportation

The Munich public transportation will take you to transport logistic in a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly way. From the main train station, you can reach the trade fair center by subway in about 20 minutes.

The exhibitor pass or online vouchers for day tickets do NOT entitle the holder to free use of local public transport (MVV).

In our exhibitor store you will find an overview of the MVV offers and can conveniently order your tickets for local public transport there.

order until April 14, 2023 at the latest