Exhibitor Guide



During registration, you can indicate whether you would like to receive our invoices as a pdf attachment in an e-mail or as a printed hard copy by post.

If you agree to electronic invoicing, we ask you to provide a non-personalized e-mail address of your accounting department, if possible, which is accessible to all employees of your accounting department.

You can participate in electronic invoicing or change your e-mail address at any time.

Before invoicing

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

Invoice address

Due to value-added tax legislation requirements, Messe München GmbH can only issue or rewrite invoices to an invoice recipient other than the exhibitor, if the recipient is Messe München GmbH’s contractual partner concerning the services to be charged. If the exhibitor wants to designate the invoice recipient as the contractual partner of Messe München GmbH, he/she can request the appropriate form at exhibitor@transportlogistic.de. The form should be completed and signed with legally binding effect and returned to Messe München GmbH. If Messe München GmbH has already rendered services to the exhibitor at the time of receipt of the request form, Messe München GmbH will have to bill these services to the exhibitor.

Please note that the final invoice can only be issued to the same billing address that was used for the admission invoice. This is to ensure that the exhibitor's advance payment can be offset against actual services obtained.

IMPORTANT: When confirming your placement proposal, please also decide which billing address we shall use to invoice our services. The billing address for the admission invoice and the final invoice must always be identical. We cannot comply with requests for changes at a later date.

Before invoicing

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

P.O. Number

If desired, we will be happy to include an order number on our invoices. However, we need this information promptly, at the latest before issuing the invoice. Subsequent inclusion of the order number (after the invoice has been issued) is not possible.

Before invoicing

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

Admission invoice

All exhibitors will receive the admission invoice in January 2023 at the earliest, after accepting the placement proposal.

Payment deadline: March 15, 2023

The admission invoice includes the following items, if you have booked stand space only:

  • stand space
  • obligatory communication fee
  • flatrate fee for waste disposal
  • AUMA fee
  • advance payment for services

The admission invoice includes the following items, if you have booked a stand package:

  • stand package incl. package price

Invoicing: from January 2023
Term of payment: March 15, 2023

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

Meplan invoices

Services for stand construction and equipment ordered via our subsidiary Meplan GmbH will be invoiced separately by Messe München GmbH. Here too, the billing address must be identical to the admission and final invoice.

Term of payment: immediately

Invoicing after order confirmation

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

Final invoice

Approx. six weeks after the end of the exhibition, the final invoice will be sent to all exhibitors and co-exhibitors. Currently planned dispatch: week 25/2023.

Term of payment: immediately

The final invoice may include the following items, depending on the additional orders placed:

  • technical connections and consumptions (e. g. electricity, water, internet)
  • rigging
  • telecommunications
  • rental fee for meeting and conference rooms + equipment
  • tickets (additionally used exhibitor passes, redeemed vouchers for oneday ticket, parking permits)
  • stand cleaning, stand security
  • press and marketing services
  • lead tracking
  • advertising space, promotion, sponsoring
  • fees (for coexhibitors, stand or special events)

In the final invoice, the advance payment for services, which was already made when the admission invoice was paid, is offset against the services actually ordered.

Further services such as additional entries in the trade fair media, catering, rental services, forwarding services, decoration, etc. will be invoiced directly to you by the relevant service provider.

Before the start of the trade fair, we ask all exhibitors with co-exhibiting companies to check at the stand to whom we should invoice the additionally ordered services of the co-exhibitors and to inform us accordingly.

Option 1: Invoicing to the main exhibitor

Option 2: Invoicing to each co-exhibitor individually

The handling fee for subsequent requests for changes is €50/invoice.

Invoicing: week 25/2023

Term of payment: immediately

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

Special invoice

Exhibitors with a two-story stand construction will be invoiced for the square meters used on the second floor with a special invoice one week after the end of the fair.

Term of payment: immediately

Invoicing: week 20/2023
Term of payment: immediately

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

Bank details and documents

Valid for all invoices:

Our company name:              Messe Muenchen GmbH
Address:                                 Messegelaende, 81823 Muenchen, Germany

Trade register number:           München HRB 6311
Tax number:                           143/161/90414
VAT ID:                                   DE129424028

Bank name                             UniCredit Bank AG
Address:                                 Kardinal-Faulhaber-Str. 1, 80333 Muenchen, Germany

SWIFT/BIC:                            HYVEDEMMXXX
Account number:                    7 825 609
Bank code:                             700 202 70
IBAN:                                      DE92 7002 0270 0007 8256 09

Request for additional documents:

  • Certificate of residence Messe München
  • Commercial register extract

Finance Department 
Tel. +49 89 949-21313