Exhibitor Guide

Important registrations and notes

Photography and Filming Permission

Photography, film, and video recordings as well as the production of drawings within the event grounds may only be made by persons, who have been approved and been issued a valid permit by Messe München GmbH for this purpose.

The photographing or any other filming / shots of the booths of other exhibitors, for which no permission has been granted, is not permitted under any circumstances. This applies equally to the grounds and buildings of Messe München GmbH.

In case of infringement, Messe München GmbH can demand that the recorded material be surrendered and take legal steps to achieve this end. Accredited representatives of the press / bloggers and official service partners of Messe München GmbH only are excluded from this ban.

Exhibitors or photographers / film crews contracted by them can obtain permission in the Main Security Office of Messe München GmbH starting from first official day of setup (open 24 h). This is located next to Gate 1 and can be accessed from within the exhibition grounds or from outside of them.

An exhibitor must be able to identify himself as such (have exhibitor badge and ID on hand). Photographers and film crews must submit the written order of the contracting exhibitor (please have ID on hand).

If an employee of the exhibiting company takes photographs on his own stand during the exhibition, no special permission is required.

Available from May 2,2023 / on site only

EUR 80,- incl. VAT /per exhibitor, per order

Day events on the exhibition stand

Are you planning an event at your exhibition stand during trade show opening hours?

This includes live music, artistic performances, or a reception with get-together at your booth. Please register this daytime event.

During the event, it must be ensured that aisle areas and neighboring stand areas are not obstructed by catering, furniture or the like. Please also ensure that the number of guests is in proportion to the stand area booked (max. 1.6 persons/m²).

Demonstrations, acoustic advertising and live performances by artists, music groups or singers and their sound amplifiers/sound systems must be directed in such a way that neighboring exhibitors are not disturbed. The volume level may not exceed 60 dB at the stand perimeter.

If you are expecting external service personnel for your event, they must be provided with the letter of authorization sent by us as well as valid admission tickets.

To ensure a smooth, uninterrupted event, we recommend that you consult with your stand neighbors in advance of the planned event.

Register until April 28, 2023

Exhibition Management
Tel. +49 89 949-20271

free of charge

Evening Events on the exhibition stand

Stand parties on the exhibition stand require authorization by Messe München GmbH and must be notified by May 2, 2023 at the latest.

The event may start from 18:00 and must end no later than 22:00. Until 22:30, the necessary clearing-up work may be undertaken on the stand area. By 23:00 at the latest, all persons must have left the exhibition center

Adjacent aisle areas and neighboring stand areas must not be included in your activities. All escape and rescue routes must always keep clear.

Entry to the exhibition center is possible for catering vehicles, event technicians or music groups as of 16:00. Please note that all vehicles must leave the exhibition center no later than 23:00 on the respective day. For more information, see the application

To ensure a smooth, uninterrupted event, we recommend that you consult with your stand neighbors in advance of the planned event.

Register until May 2, 2023

Security, Logistics and Traffic

up to 99 m² stand space EUR 300 net per event
from 100 m² stand space EUR 400 net per event

Music use / Music rights

Whether live music or just background music at the stand or even in presentation videos, whenever you play music in public, it must be registered with GEMA beforehand.  Only GEMA will give you the license to use the music in the desired sense.

Unannounced checks by GEMA are made at the exhibition.

Tel. +49 30 58 9999 58

GEMA rates

Background noise and sound effects

Demonstrations of video, music, stage shows, etc. during the event (see opening hours) must be conducted in such a way that neither visitors nor other exhibitors are disturbed or adversely affected. Accordingly, loudspeakers and other acoustic amplifiers/sound systems must be focused on the exhibition stand and may not sound off on neighboring stands or aisles.

The maximum permitted noise level for performances may not exceed 60 dB (A) at the stand perimeter. Messe München GmbH reserves the right to limit or prohibit demonstrations of any kind causing noise, optical disturbances or representing a hazard or impairment to the event and especially to event participants for any other reason. The relevant statutory provisions must be observed.

Stand delivery notice

When you address goods consignments for delivery to your stand, we would ask you to include the following data on the consignment and / or inform your forwarding agent of the data concerned:

– transport logistic 2023

– Hall (Open air space) / Stand number of the exhibition stand

– Name of exhibitor name

– Phone number of an employee on site authorized to receive the goods

– Messegelaende /Willy-Brandt-Allee, 81829 Munich, Germany

Please note that Messe München GmbH staff will not accept receipt of any consignments of goods, letters or other items intended for exhibitors or third parties. Exhibitors are advised not to leave any deliveries of goods or other items unsecured in the hall or outdoor area during the setup and dismantling periods.

Services relating to the acceptance and dispatch of consignments of goods are offered by the forwarding agents authorized on the exhibition grounds (see Storage of goods).

Theft notice

We recommend the following preventive security measures to avoid thefts:

  1. During the setup and dismantling phase, you should not leave your merchandise unsupervised or unsecured on your stand.
  2. Order your own stand security staff. The security staff employed by the exhibition management is unable to keep an eye on individual stands.
  3. Remove all valuable, unsecured exhibition items when you leave the stand after the trade fair has closed for the day.  
  4. Insure your merchandise to cover the risk of possible economic loss.

Wi-Fi usage

Free Wi-Fi is available, it is a limited access of 4 MB bandwidth / 200 MB data volume without guarantee. For trouble-free, business-relevant processes at the stand, we recommend ordering a LAN connection for a fee.